That the back to school already have above is a fact more than clear, so that you have not been reading our posts, and ignoring our advice go to do homework with time, is the turn of races, and the rush to prepare all the books that kids will need for your back to school.

WiFi, which do not panic, that it is possible to buy the books quickly, easily, without leaving home, and without waiting for long tails like? Then, as always, again, and thanks to Amazon facilities, it is possible to find the books they need thanks to the new website that has created Amazon called

Well, more than a website, is a search engine that will allow you to find the books that will need your kids with just putting the College. Mola, Tengo!

If you like the idea, these are only 4 steps that you have to do to buy books from the return to school:

STEP 1: Put the name of the school on the website
In the case that you not find the school you are looking for, you have to go to the advanced search which will allow you to locate it more easily.

STEP 2: Select the course, once you've already located your college course.

STEP 3: Now already you will see all the books that are listed for your school, and the course of the child, so you you just need to select the books you want to buy, and they will automatically be added to your basket

Easy, truth? As you know, if at the end you have been to that have left shopping for back to school for the last time, is option can help you to get to have everything ready on time, and easily.

Another tip that you give, is that if you are going to buy books at Amazon, if you're not from Amazon Prime, it will come in very well subscribe. Of is way you will benefit from not having to pay shipping costs, and to enjoy the option of shipping them in 1 day, in addition to other advantages that have to be Amazon Prime. If you haven't been Amazon Prime before, you can be during 30 days trial free of charge. You don't think, start now your free registration on Amazon Prime, and prepares the return to school in the fastest and most economical way.