Cole is now over, and although it may seem a little overwhelming, is the best time to start thinking about next year. Why?? Maybe because in Amazon until August 7, 2017, you have the opportunity to get a promo code for €10 If you buy your textbooks from primary or secondary for an amount of at least € 90.

The conditions are simple, as I said before, you have to make a purchase whose amount is less than € 90. The books you buy should be primary, or secondary school text books, and must be within the selection made by Amazon.

If the textbook you choose is within this promotion is very simple, just have to note that in the part in which appear the details of the book have the message '€10 gift', as you can see in the following example image that we show you:


Once you have your selection of chosen books, simply proceed to the payment in the usual manner. You will receive the €10 discount promotional code by email when you receive your order.

You can use the promotional code you receive to buy the products sold and shipped by Amazon, and found within the store's return to school. (Within this promo are not included textbooks from kindergarten, high school and dictionaries)

To redeem the promotional code you receive only you have to choose between products that you have said previously, and at the end of your purchase, in the box "Cheques Gift and promotional codes" introduces the code you received by email, and to give "Apply" you will see the €10 discount that will be applied to you on the amount of your purchase.

Ahh, and don't you be thinking on what to buy to redeem your coupon € 10 code because you have until October 31 to redeem it.

As you can see, it is true what you said at the beginning, and start already preparing school textbooks for your kids has its advantages. And nothing more you are going to recommend, if you plan to do your shopping on Amazon, and it is that you will want to make you Amazon Prime, you will save shipping on all products Prime, and enjoy all the advantages that have be of Amazon Prime, free access to Prime Video, Prime Photos, priority access to the offers , shipments in 1 day, receive products the day of the launch, access to Prime Now…

In addition, a period of 30 days of free trial is now available. During this time you will enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Prime, and if at the end of the trial period like you only have to pay €19.95 which is the annual fee that pays for this service. That Yes, do not forget that the renewal is automatic, so if, after 30 days you will not want to remain in Amazon Prime, do not forget to enter your account and deactivate this renewal.

We advise you to try it because at the time you make 6 orders, so you save on shipping costs, you've amortized the cost of the annual fee.

As you pull, don't think you, and start now you free trial period of 30 days of Amazon Prime.