We have already dedicated more post to show you the possibility you have of "tune" your Thermomix in a quick and original way. In the post "THERMOMIX TM5: vinyl decorative", "THERMOMIX vinyl for decorating" I teach different vinyl options, because today I want to show some very original vinyls for Thermomix TM5 model.

The truth is that the vinyl not only a way to decorate it, but also you can help protect the Thermomix from small bumps, and scratches, or even hide one you already have.

Now, increasingly there are more models of vinyls, today I will show you a collection of fun with images of well-known cartoon. Mickey Mouse, the Minions, Ratatouille, and many others, will find in this new collection of vinyl to the Thermomix TM5.

Here, we show all the vinyl collection of vinyls for the Thermomix TM5 with comparative pictures of Savemoney.es so that you can locate what country Amazon has the best price: