Already there are many games that will go on sale in the autumn of 2017, and which are on presale at Amazon, and you can book without having to pay anything until your game ready's path to your House.

Book products at Amazon has many advantages, and much more if you're Amazon Prime, so, if you're not, and you have not been before, we recommend that you start by making you Amazon Prime, seizing the opportunity be it during 30 days trial free. Let's go in order, and started your free registration on Amazon Prime.

Within 30 days you will enjoy all the advantages of being Prime, and among them, is it not pay shipping charges, and get the option of receiving your game the same day of the release without any charge (if you're not from Amazon Prime, is option you will go for € 3.99 more shipping).

Regardless of being of Amazon Prime, or not, the advantages of booking your game on Amazon are many. One of the most important, in addition to not paying nothing in reserve concept, is that you have the presale price guaranteed. This means that, if since you do your game reserve, until the shipping, there is some variation in price, Amazon always charge you the lower amount.

Maybe now already we can only show you the comparative tables of with video games that are on presale at Amazon: