Those who have an iPhone or an iPad, can already released space in a fast and safe way. You only need the SanDisk iXpand memories, and now you can save everything you have on your iPhone or iPad.

With memories of SanDisk iXpand can make backup copies of the photos and videos you have on the reel. And all thanks to the dual output that have these memories. On the one hand, it takes a Lightning connector so you can connect it to the iPad or the iPhone, and on the other hand, carries a USB 3.0 connector, high speed, so that also you can plug into your computer, and move the content wherever you want.

iXpand of SanDisk has a free App with which you can manage the files safely and easily. In addition you can configure it to, plug the memory to the device, automatically makes you a backup copy of the reel.

The puntazo of this iXpand of SanDisk memory, is that, in addition to free up space on your mobile devices, also you can save, for example, videos, and play them on your iPhone or iPad.

Because now, we can only show you different sizes of memory iXpand SanDisk that are available, with the comparative tables of so that you can locate the country in which Amazon has their best offer:


* Note: Several users have reported trouble so the iPhone recognizes the memory. 9.3.1 iOS version causes the failure. In previous versions such as following the there is no problem. The problem is already notified to Apple so it is expected that the problem is solved soon.