Although it may seem you soon, at Christmas, and especially, start thinking about toys that will bring the kids, Santa Claus, or the Magi can save you more than one headache.

When kids write their letters they rely on the magic of Christmas to make their wishes come true, and because of the elderly, not to forecast in time, it may be seen among their gifts are not what they had asked , because not even Santa Claus, or the three kings are so magical to get toys that are just depleted.

So today at we want to help, and be with toys that, according to the Spanish Association of toy manufacturers, who will be almost all kids it will include in their letters to Santa Claus, or the three kings, and as te no andes with eye You can stay without them, because almost certainly are eventually depleted.

This is the Top Ten of the toys that will be exhausted these Christmas 2017-2018 according to the Spanish Association of toy manufacturers:

1. Mega Batmobile: This toy is for ages 14 +. It is fully interactive, carries a camera that displays on the mobile what will seeing Batman driving the Batmobile. Also Batman moves the arm to rotate the steering wheel, jumps, and launches missiles.

2. Enchantimals: They are magical girls who love their pets, and whose aim is to this toy convey to children the love of animals. There are different dolls with a strong resemblance to the mascot that takes each one of them. This toy is suitable for children from 3 years.

3. Play-Doh Touch study: playing with dough through a mobile or a tablet, is possible with this toy. You can create hundreds of figures, and play with them from the App that created Play-Doh. They have fun a lot when, after you create a figure in dough, they can focus with the tablet, and see how come to life, in different scenarios that can choose. This toy is perfect for children from 3 years.

4. Mad Racer Feber: It is a new go-kart which can reach up to 9 km/h, and do maneuvers, spins 360 degrees, and even skids. Parents can rest easy because they never lose control thanks to a single central control. Perfect for ages 6 +.

5. Piny Doll Dance: can record to Michelle and her friends dancing to then play a video clip, or effect, hologram from a tablet. Simply download the App of Piny Dance, and to choose characters, music, and scenarios. If you have a small dance party, and 3 years or more, this will be her toy.

6. Zoomer Zupps: Other interactive toy that will succeed will be the Zoomer Zupps. You can choose between 6 puppies, Barkhem, Flare, Diva, Biscuit, coconut, or Posy, and through the sounds and lights that emit may know how are their pets. The Zoomer Zupps are perfect for children from 4 years.

7. Ring Win: If you have children 6 years or more, you will find great with this fun card game. The game is in search of the farm animals of Ring Win who have escaped, and when they encounter them will have to stay with the letter, and go placing it where you enter, preventing them from falling, or lose. A really entertaining game where you can play with up to 6 friends.

8. Marta: Is doll is perfect for children from 3 years. They will have to teach it to walk and talk. And when they succeed, with only shake the rattle, Marta will go where are. That Yes, without angry it because as they do so, they will see the tantrum that mounts them.

9. LEGO CITY police station and control center: If you have kids between 6 and 12 years, lovers of Lego, this will be your perfect toy. Thieves, police, police stations, motorbikes, helicopters,…, the action is guaranteed with the Commissioner of police, and Lego control center.

10. LEGO Star Wars – Millenium Falcon: And now to finish another Lego that fascinates children aged between 9 and 14 years old, and lovers of the wars.
Follow our advice, and begins to find out if they are among these 10 toys your kids favorite, until they run out. And so go you as cheap as possible, we show them you with comparative pictures of so you can buy them in the country in which Amazon has their best offer: