You need a browser for the bike? Maybe TomTom saw the browser specifically designed for motorcycles, and that you can control with the mobile, is a great choice.

TomTom saw has a circular motion, making sure it fits perfectly with the aesthetics of the bike, and allows you to place it with very easily in the rear-view mirror bar. This placement is very important because you can follow the directions of TomTom saw without removing the view of the road. So avoid distractions that may cause accidents.

In addition, the TomTom saw design allows that you can touch, and access the different menus without having to take off your gloves because your screen is ready to do so. And if it rains, no worries because it is water resistant, and you can continue to use the screen with gloves.

Connect to mobile via bluetooth, and gives you all the information you need without having to pull out of the Pocket mobile. In addition, TomTom saw has an App that provides the information you want on the touch screen of the browser.

But TomTom was not only gives you the instructions on how to reach the sites, but you can also program it to alert the radar, even has speed limiter, in such a way that when you spend of stepping on the accelerator, screen TomTom saw change c smell.

Ah well, and another point very well, is that TomTom had estimated you alternative routes, if it detects retentions the route you are taking. In this way, you'll forget to eat unnecessary jams, which is not bad!

If the helmet has headphones, you can connect it via bluetooth to the TomTom saw, and so you can hear directions through it. Even if a call comes in you can hear it!

Already Finally, also to show the comparative of of the Navigator TomTom saw table, so you can buy it in the country in which Amazon has its price lower, we will show you the different covers that are available, so that you personalize your TomTom He saw with the colors that they like: