With the seasonal changes, there are always some garments that become trendy, and that can not be missed in our cabinets. In today's post we will focus on women's garments that will be trend this spring-summer 2018.

This year there are 6 items that are basic, and Amazon has gathered them in a special section called: "The shopping list for spring-summer 2018: Six Perfect garments".

The first garment that make up this selection is the Plaid blazer. The combinations with this garment are endless, with jeans, with dresses, with shirts, with Camisestas,… All your looks will be perfect with the plaid blazer. 

See Plaid BLAZER

The printed dresses are another must for the upcoming spring-summer 2018. With small prints, or with maxi prints, all possibilities can enter your wardrobe, because it will be the most appealing for your comfort, and the style that will give your looks. For both formal and informal moments, everything will be covered with your printed dresses, and you'll be perfect.


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The asymmetrical skirt is another safe bet for the spring-summer looks. The pleated, or cut skirts, are the most trendy. To combine them are perfect t-shirts with a message, and sports, to give them a casual look. And if we need a more formal look combine them with crumbs, or sweaters, and a heel shoe, or a dancer, and you'll go perfect.

See Asymmetric skirts


Now we go to the shoes that will be trend this spring-summer 2018. You can't miss the Destalonados shoes in your closet. With Tancón high, or low, no matter if you have a shoe of this style, you will go to fashion.

See Shoe with open heel


The bags that are going to be in the photos of all the bloggers are the round mini bags. The funniest designs in round models will allow you to get funny, daring looks,….

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And, to complete your look, we go to the slopes that will take this spring-summer 2018. Color-filled tassel earrings will complete your looks. You dare with them?

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