Being from Amazon Prime gives you access to Prime Video where you can access thousands of movie titles, and series. Many of these series are original from Amazon, which means that you can only enjoy them through this platform.

Today we want to talk about the series “Little Coincidences”, a series of Atresmedia Studios that he created for Amazon, and that this summer you can watch in open on Antena 3.

“Small matches” is an exception and you can see it open, thanks to Antena 3. So, I encourage you not to miss it, we are sure that it will encourage you to register in Prime Video. I personally enjoy Amazon Prime, and therefore have access to Prime Video, I have been able to enjoy this super entertaining romantic comedy. He recommended it to you 100%.

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So that you know what “Little Coincidences” is about, tell you that it is a romantic comedy written, directed, and starring Javier Veiga, along with Marta Hazas (both couples in real life).

Both protagonists, Marta and Javi, do not know each other, and lead an independent life without wanting complications. But strange, and small coincidences, will unfold the plot of this series of 8 50-minute episodes each.

In addition to these two actors, “Small coincidences” features the collaborations of Mariano Peña, Loles León, Marta Torné, Kira Miró, or Juan Ibáñez (better known for being the voice of the Tranca ant of El Hormigue).

These are just a few of the many important players involved is this hit series.

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