Bensimon is a brand French very recognized from makes much time, whose designer is characterized by dale a touch modern to the classic of always. In the last year it has stuck strong sneakers tennis type, which has designed this brand, and they have become very fashionable.

As well, the French designer Serge Bensimon, has designed a unique and exclusive collection of these shoes to Amazon. Is a collection of 5 pairs of tennis in editing limited, so, buy the model that you like before is exhausted.

These slippers are perfect for use in spring, and summer, its comfort will make that the use in any moment.  Also, have you seen the colors? They are cool, are 5 models of slippers with a combination of colors, you choose which to choose, combine perfectly with everything you get. With skirts, jeans, shorts, dresses,…, when the have you them put with all your outfits.

Good, and when you say what cost these slippers of design of the brand Bensimon, it going to freak out! For only €35 you can have exclusive sneakers from a Bensimon you'll only find at Amazon. Begins to think that color going to want to, if is that you're capable of resist you, and buy an only pair 😜

Here are the comparative tables of with 5 models that are within this exclusive collection of Amazon designed by Bensimon:


We remind you that it is 5 Bensimon shoes collection are limited edition, don't think much, do not go to stay without them, because we are sure that eventually are depleted in a very short time.