That little lack so that it goes on sale the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, September 15 will be the date on which you can have this smartphone at home.

And if you do the booking on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Amazon before September 15, you can take your gift a Samsung Dex Station.

So do not miss this promotion, first of all, is to teach you the comparative tables of with models that are available from Amazon in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

And now, we see the best innovations that brings Samsung Galaxy Note 8. To begin with, I will talk about their dual camera with optical zoom, allowing you to take some pictures of incredible quality.

Another improvement that has the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that your pen has a finer tip to improve your accuracy, and above it is water resistant. In terms of the functions of this pen, in Note 7 If you put it on a Word, automatically translated it yourself, because now, the pen of the Note 8 result you entire paragraphs! So, we can talk about the good translator pen for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

They have also created the App called Pair that allows you with a just click Open two applications at once on the screen. It may seem silly to you but to have open two apps at the same time is much more useful than you think, and above all, with the big screen that has the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

And then, another novelty which brings this Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is that you can write notes without unlocking the screen. You can write directly and thus create, modify, or delete the generated notes.

As you can see, all are enhancements focused on improving the functionality of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8, so, if mobile phones great, like you and be well exploited, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does not disappoint: