I have already spoken on many occasions of the new small appliances, thanks to which we can have the household chores made easier and more quickly. Today will be one more time that we do it because you can let know the new vacuum cleaner AEG RX9 3D Vision robot, and it went on sale last September 23.

Robot vacuum cleaners should recognize that their prices are somewhat high but what we guarantee that, with all that help, you will compensate more than the disbursement. You think, you'll have the House clean without that you have to do nothing, you will not even have to be home. You will only have to program it, and over when you know more AEG RX9 3D Vision capabilities, surely you'll want to buy it.

The first thing that draws the attention of AEG RX9 3D Vision is its design. This robot vacuum cleaner, unlike the other models, is triangular, and thanks to this shape, seeks better in corners, angles, corners and under furniture.

Another point that makes this robot vacuum cleaner AEG different is their 3D vision system. And you're thinking, this is what? 3D system is allowing the cleaner to detect the 3 dimensions of the House, i.e., it detects the floor, wall, and obstacles found. It also detects stairs, to avoid possible accidental dropping of your vacuum cleaner, and saves obstacles, which makes not jamming, for example, in carpets.

In addition, AEG RX9 3D Vision has a mapping system that what it does is to memorize the distribution of your House, so optimize travel, which translates into that sucks better, and faster, because it will not be by the same site thousand times unnecessarily.

With the robot vacuum cleaner AEG RX9 3D Vision you can have your floors clean are the type that are, gres, parquet, laminate flooring, carpet,…, and will equal the type of soil you have, even if you have pets AEG RX9 3D Vision will leave the floor completely clean, and hairless.

And once you have that you can control with the mobile your robot vacuum cleaner AEG RX9 3D will want to buy this vacuum cleaner if or if. Because thanks to the App that is available both for iOS to Android, you can program the vacuuming your home wherever you are. So, if you're working, you can start your robot vacuum cleaner AEG RX9 3D Vision, so that, when you get home, you you're all clean.

It is a App that you mentioned before, also allows you to schedule the cleaning, so you can tell you for a whole week when you want to start, and when you want to finish.

The truth is that this type of vacuum cleaners-robots represent a major investment, but we guarantee that you will not regret your purchase, and it is that when you use it you can reach rating it useful that truly are.

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