Sure that you noticed in the comparative tables of as in some products, either, in the header, or in the bottom, they appear reconditioned prices of that product. And you've asked yourself, "but this refurbished that will?" Because today we're going to tell you because products reconditioned you can find very interesting offers.

Reacondicionados certificates in Amazon Renewed products are classified "as new", and we say it in quotes because, even not being a new product as such, i.e., recently left the factory, controls that makes Amazon are so exhaustive , and leave them in perfect condition, so that the product is as good as if it were new.

Amazon's certified refurbished products do not present any imperfection, in fact, you only distinguish them from a new product by the box, since the refurbished will be packaged in a generic box. But, otherwise, once you open it, you see it and use it, not you can distinguish it from a new one. Even, in appropriate cases, in boxes will be all accessories that bring the new product.

To give you an idea of what they're buying, you will have what is the process that undergoes a product refurbished by Amazon:

  1. Full diagnostic test.
  2. Replacement of defective components.
  3. Cleaning and thorough examination.
  4. Repackaged by the seller or supplier.

And don't think that by purchasing a refurbished product you won't have any warranty because it is not. When you buy a certified refurbished from Amazon product offers a one year warranty.

In addition to refurbished certificates of Amazon products you will also find products reconditioned by external vendors, but you can be totally quiet because Amazon only allows you to sell to those who maintain a high quality, and a high performance. Put another way, Amazon does not sell products that are reconditioned to those stores that don't offer a high quality, so you can be completely quiet.

As you can see, buying reconditioned product can be, in some cases, an idea very but very taken into account. Ahhh, and another thing passed we tell you is that as that in new products, if for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchase of your refurbished product, you can return it in accordance with this policy.

There are many types of products that you can find in the Reacondicionados certificates of Amazon, mobile, tablets, laptops, watches, coffee makers, home products, kitchen products, consoles, gaming, headphones, office supplies and stationery, Amazon, sporting goods, toys, devices…, and so we can follow to complete a long list.

Now we're going to show some examples of refurbished certified products from Amazon that may interest you, with comparative of pictures where, in addition to also see the prices of the new product in different countries, you can see the price If buy them reconditioned: