You know the models more daring, current, innovative, and luminous rayban? No??? Because you still see today's post because we're going to show the Blaze collection, you're going to freak out with your designs, and colors.

But let's go little by little, the first thing we want to tell you is that these sunglasses from RayBan, Blaze collection, with mirror lenses. The mirrored sunglasses reduce the intensity of the light passing through the lens, so are perfect for sunny days. Mirror coating also has another advantage, and it helps reduce glare, which makes make it very comfortable. And then now, in terms of the aesthetic point, sunglasses with mirror lenses, you get a very daring touch, and you'll see when you see all the colors that are available in the Blaze of RayBan collection.

Now let's briefly the different models that exist inside the Blaze collection, and then, you will show the comparative tables of with RayBan sunglasses in the collection Blaze that you can buy on Amazon so you can locate the country in which Amazon has their best offer:

  • BLAZE ROUND collection: Flat, round, and mirrors, lenses with metal mount, and all this with a design, and in a few colors you're going to freak out. RayBan style is 100% in these glasses.
  • BLAZE Allen collection: The same as the previous model, but dare to take this mount in hexagonal shape that make them super original.
  • BLAZE CLUBMASTER collection: In this model RayBan reinterpreted his classic sunglasses Clubmaster with a fine super metal frame and lenses mirror in a very bold, modern colors that renew the Clubmaster model as you had never imagined.
  • BLAZE CAT EYE collection: Cat in sunglasses is new this year, so, if you're daring, and you like to go to the last, the Blaze Cat Eye collection is yours. Metal frames with different finishes, mirrored lenses with different colors, mixed with the shape of the glass in the form of cat's eye, are the most, all eyes will be on you, and your sunglasses from RayBan.
  • COLLECTION BLAZE SHOOTER: The unmistakable shape of the Shooter become some sunglasses super modern with their fine and bright metal frames, and their lenses mirror in striking shades.

We then show you all the models in this collection Blaze with the comparative tables of so you can buy your RayBan sunglasses in the country in which Amazon has cheaper price: