In September, with all that we spend during the holidays, and for those who have kids with charges involving the back to school, the word "Savings" is the most sought after. And as in we like to be in those details, which today are going to have is the way to have a 20% discount.

But go slowly because the discount that we are going to talk about is for the program from Amazon Subscribe and save, so the first thing you need to do is be Amazon Prime to have access to this offer.

We have many post, but, if it is the first time we read, remember that you can be of Amazon Prime 30 day trial free, that Yes, before you could not be given high in this system. If this is your case, or think about it, and start your Amazon Prime free trial period for 30 days.

If you've already been given high on Amazon Prime, we encourage you to ever be it, will only have to pay an annual fee of €19.95, and with just a few 6 orders year-round, so you save on shipping costs you've amortized the cost of the fee. Also, keep in mind that every time they are more advantages offering Amazon Prime customers, and you can enjoy, for example, the program offer subscribe and save, which you have begun speaking.

With the program subscribe and save you can program your purchases to receive them with the frequency that you want. And with the promotion that you are talking about in the post today can have an additional discount of 20% when you make your first subscription.

To get this 20% off what you have to do is choose a product (except diapers), choose the frequency with which you want shipping to get home, and the units that you want to receive (for example, 5 bottles of milk once a week). At the end you have to enter the promotional code subscribe, and at the end, will apply you the 20% discount on your purchase.

Easy, simple, and a 20% discount you get, so remember that, to be able to apply this coupon code, you have to be Amazon Prime. Already started your registry on Amazon Prime.

* Note: The subscribe promo code is valid until December 31, 2017.