Today we bring you a new promotion, and it is that Amazon Pantry celebrates a year of his birth, and celebrates it by giving you €10 discount if you make a purchase of €30 to products that are within this selection.

Do not be distracted if you want to enjoy these €10 discount because the promotion ends next Sunday, November 12, 2017.

What you have to do to get these €10 discount is as simple as adding products that are within the selection that you can see here, with a minimum total amount of €30.

It then processes your order, and at the end of the process the € 10 discount will automatically appear you.

Easy, fast, simple, and €10 you save!

How? What still does not know what Amazon Pantry? Don't worry that you do a brief summary.

Amazon Pantry is a special section that has made Amazon, exclusively for those who are Amazon Prime, where you can buy products from supermarket, feeding, cleaning, personal care… All these products in practical sizes, low prices, and with '.

Everything you need will be stored in a virtual box, and when it is filled, or at the time that you need it, will send you home for only €3.99.

Don't worry about the amount of things that you've asked because Amazon Pantry adapts it to what you've asked. I.e. that you buy things little heavy and bulky, because you will receive a box of the right size so that products reach you in perfect condition. If, on the other hand, you take smaller products, because it will take you a smaller box.

Truth which is interesting this from Amazon Pantry? And so why not try? If you've never been Amazon Prime, you have the opportunity to be it during 30 days trial free. Now start your free registration on Amazon Prime.

During the 30 days will enjoy all the advantages that have be free shipping on products of Amazon Prime, access to Amazon Pantry, Prime Now, access to Prime Video access, Prime, shipments in 1 day, the launch day shipments,…

The truth is that it is worth being Amazon Prime, only with what you save on shipping costs, nothing that you do some 6 shopping a whole year, you've amortized the annual fee of €19.95. So, if at the end of 30 days, you will want to remain in Amazon Prime, you won't have to do anything because the subscription is renewed automatically.

As you pull, don't think, but are Amazon Prime sign up for free and then enters Amazon Pantry, and take advantage of the €10 discount.