It arrives to Spain Prime Reading, the new service of Amazon with which you will be able to read books free on any mobile device, both IOS and Android, and you only have to be of Amazon Prime. So far, in order to access Amazon's free books, you had to have the Amazon ebook, namely, one of your so-called Kindle. With prime reading, both on your phone and on your tablet, with the own reader application that has each operating system, you can read the books that Amazon has included in Prime reading. More than 500 books of all categories you can download thanks to Prime Reading. Up to 10 books simultaneously on a device, so you can read them whenever you want, where you want, and how many times you want. You want to have access to Prime Reading??? Then sign up for Amazon Prime for only €19.95 a year, which is the only condition you have to meet to access this new Amazon service. Also, if you do Amazon Prime, you will not only have access to prime Reading, but you can also enjoy all the advantages of Amazon Prime, and we will show you:

-Fast shipping: in millions of products you have the option to buy today, and have it at home tomorrow, and at no extra cost.

-Receive products on the day of the launch: In a large quantity of products, Amazon offers you the possibility to make your reservation, and you will receive them on the day of launching.

-Prime Video: Movies, series, original Amazon series, and much more, you will see in prime Video.

-TWITCH PRIME: Every month you will have exclusive discounts for games, and additional content.

-Amazon Music Unlimited: only if you are from Amazon Prime you will be able to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited with an annual rate with an exclusive price. With Music Unlimited you will be able to access millions of songs, from any of your devices.

-Priority access to Flash offers: 30 minutes before your start you will be able to have access to the Flash offers that you take out for sale Amazon.

-AMAZON family: You can get a 15% discount on your diaper subscriptions, and plan the deliveries when you best come. Also, if you create a profile of your small, you will receive personalized recommendations in addition to, promotions, and discounts.

-PRIME PHOTOS: Store All the photos you want with this Amazon service, it is free and unlimited, and you will be able to access them from any device, and at any time.

Not bad all the advantages that has to be Amazon Prime, right? Well we reserve the best for the end because if you have never been to Amazon Prime you have available a period of 30 days trial completely free of charge. During this time you enjoy all the advantages that we have told you before in a totally free way. With the trial period you will know perfectly all the advantages that it has to be of Amazon Prime, and if, for some reason, you do not convince the subject, you can unsubscribe when you want, you just have to enter your account, and disable the automatic renewal removing the Your user's payment card. This way when you finish the 30 days of trial, you will not charge the €19.95 a year that is the annual fee to be paid for being Amazon Prime. If you can not enjoy this promotion, our opinion is that it is worth paying €19.95 that, as we said before, is the annual fee to enjoy all the advantages Prime, the amortizations only with what you save on shipping costs of 6 orders you do in a whole Year. Hale!!! What are you waiting for, don't think about it anymore, and enjoy all the advantages that it has to be from Amazon Prime.