Already a year ago that began operating service Prime Amazon Now in Madrid! And to celebrate this Amazon will sort 100 gift checks valued at € 30.

What you have to do to enter the sweepstakes? Very simple just make a purchase in Prime Now Madrid between days 19 and 26 July, and automatically enter the draw. If you are lucky enough that you touch, directly within the order you've done, you'll have check gift of € 30.

More easy impossible, and if you're not Amazon Prime to buy Prime now, what are you waiting for? Don't know that you can be it during 30 days trial free? As you pull! Let it RIP, and started your free trial period on Amazon Prime.

During these 30 days trial you will enjoy all the advantages that have be of Amazon Prime, you can buy Prime now, you'll have access to Prime Video, unlimited storage Prime Photos, free in thousands of products shipping in Prime,…

Sign up for the free trial of Amazon Prime period in, activates auto-renewal, so that at the end of the 30 day trial the €19.95 which is the cost of the annual fee will be loaded on your account. Of so, if after 30 days, you will not want to remain in Amazon Prime, do not forget to enter your account, and disable the automatic renewal.

To give you an idea of if you compensated to be Prime, or not, only we will tell you that with only make about 6 orders per year, you've amortized the annual fee, just in what you save on shipping costs. If that add you other advantages you have as Amazon Prime, we guarantee to you that it is worth to be subscribed.

As you know get an order on Prime Now until July 26, and enter the sweepstakes to get a cheque gift of € 30.
* IMPORTANT note: In order to participate in the draw have to confirm that your zip code is within them that indicates Amazon. And they will not enter the draw orders whose purchases are made in the day square, Lavinia, and the market of peace.