We already told you that these days we would be reporting all offers, and promotions, I took Amazon before the Prime Day 2018 next Monday July 16. So, let's go to the mess, and there goes one of these promotions. This time Amazon has launched a promotion thinking about those who love reading. Until next July 31st, 2018, if you register for Kindle Unlimited, you will enjoy 3 months free unlimited access to more than one million titles. The conditions to be able to enjoy this promotion is that you are discharged at Amazon Prime. Access to the 3 months free on Kindle Unlimited is only available to Prime customers. It is also very important to note that if you are discharged in Kindle Unlimited, either in the payment version or in the trial, you will not be able to access this promotion. This promotion is only valid once per customer, and Amazon account. When you finish the free 3 months on Amazon Kindle Unlimited, be aware that by subscribing to this promo you activate automatic renewal, and after the trial time, you will be charged in your account the €9.99 a month of the fee to be discharged in Kindle Unlimited. So, if after 3 months, you will not want to continue discharged in Kindle Unlimited, do not forget to enter Https://www.amazon.es/kucentral and cancel your subscription. By the way, you'll be discharged at Amazon Prime, right??? How??? No??? And what are you waiting for!!!!!! Start your free 30-day trial registration at Amazon Prime. There is no longer anything for Prime Day 2018, and if you are not prime you will not be able to enjoy all the Descuentazos that Amazon is prepared for this Prime Day 2018.