LSi There is a day of bidding that is getting stronger, and is becoming the leader in sales, even ahead of Black Friday, that's Prime day. Don't you know him? Well, you can't miss this year!!!! The Prime Day is held in July, has no fixed day, but usually held from the second week of July, and is a day when Amazon takes millions of products with a few brutal discounts. The Prime Day has its origin in the celebration of the anniversary of Amazon, and as "thanks" to "its customers" makes this great day. We qualify "your customers" because these offers can only be accessed if you are from Amazon Prime. So before we go on telling you anything else, we tell you how to make Amazon Prime. The normal option is registering at Amazon Prime for an annual fee of €19.95 per year. Another way is to access the free trial period for 30 days. In order to subscribe to the free trial period you must never have been discharged at Amazon Prime, or have been registered for a long time. If you register in free trial period you have to keep in mind that automatic renewal is activated. So, if after 30 days you will not want to remain Amazon Prime, do not forget to enter your account, and cancel automatic renewal. Once you register at Amazon Prime you can unsubscribe at any time, and you will pay only the proportional part of the time you have been discharged. In Prime Day, as we said before, you will enjoy millions of products with super discounts. There will be offers of the day, offers Flash, and even, before the day that celebrates the Prime day, Amazon usually takes special promotions, with which you will be able to benefit from very special discounts. For you to get an idea of the products that Amazon discounts with discount we will tell you that in previous years products such as the Kindle, SanDisk memory cards, Motorola mobiles, Lenovo laptops, Garmin products, consoles, video games, photography articles ,….., and many more, and very good brands are within the discounts that Amazon offers on the Prime Day. As you can see, the Prime Day is a great day for shopping saving a pasta. The key to getting the best discounts on Amazon is to use the Finder, so you can check if the offer taken at Amazon España is the best, or on the contrary, there is a better price in another country. Keep in mind that the Prime Day is celebrated by Amazon in all countries. Just put the Amazon URL of the product you want to buy in the search you can find the best price. Also, if you join our Telegram channel you will be able to see the best deals. Throughout the year we take care of looking at all the Amazon stores products with better prices, because in the Prime Day, we will work in to offer you the best discounts.