We already told you the other day that the Prime Day 2018 will begin on Monday July 16 at noon. But, before the big day, Amazon will be taking offers and promotions that, of course, we'll tell you on the blog of Savemoney.es One of the promotions that Amazon has launched, prior to the Prime Day 2018, is a 25% discount on accessories for Kindle and Fire. To enjoy this promotion, first and foremost, is to make you, if you're not already, Amazon Prime. Remember that Prime Day 2018 are exclusive offers for Prime customers. Sign up now at Amazon Prime, and remember that if you haven't been prime before, or you were a long time ago, you can take advantage of the promotion of it for 30 days free of charge. Once you are from Amazon Prime, you only have to choose between these accessories for Kindle devices, and Fire. When you have your purchase made, the next thing you have to do is to process your order in a normal way, and when you arrive to the box "gift cards and promotional codes" add the code PD2018. And, by giving "apply" you will see the 25% discount of the amount of your purchase. Next, we show you the Savemoney.es's tables with some of the products that are in this promotion, but you can see all the products in which you can save a 25% discount, by clicking here. [Savemoney asin = "B01I0IGFMK, B008BQH1NO, B01J2G52O6, B01CUKZBB0, B008IK5QYE"] [Savemoney asin = "B01N4589NN, B006GWO5NE, B01CO4XWFY, B0082HGCBO, B01CUKZNP4"] [Savemoney asin = "B00QLEQAP8, B00XV4OIPK, B00CHUKK9M, B00PHEAC2U, B00HZVDH2U"] [Savemoney asin = "B00SB270KC, B00FRL7424, B01N78UGHF, B00PV8CONW, B01NAAGJ7U"]   Hurry!!!! That promotion of 25% discount on Kindle accessories, and Fire, will only be available until next July 31st. And remember that to enjoy the prime Day 2018 offers of the upcoming 16th July, you have to be from Amazon Prime. Start your 30-day free registration at Amazon Prime.