Black Friday and Cyber Monday, for Christmas, and in July comes to the Amazon Prime Day! You don’t know what you are talking about? Then don’t read us because you’re going to freak out with the opportunity that you have. In a few days, Amazon will launch on sale products at deep discounts, and if you follow this great day from discounts that you can have will be much greater.

This is the third year that Amazon celebrated Prime Day, and the easiest way to explain what is saying that the Prime Day is Black Friday of summer. Amazon, to celebrate their 20th anniversary, launched throughout a day thousands of offers which included a wide variety of products, technology, audio, home, fashion,…, products of all categories, and a few discounts that were to flip it in July 2015. As well, given their tremendous success, since it broke sales records, surpassing until Black Friday, Amazon has continued it, and since then, a July day that decides Amazon launches offers of scandal.

Now, to be able to enjoy these great deals have to be obligatorily of Amazon Prime, but attentive, because in we’re going to give the keys to make it free, because now there is a promotion, and if you’ve never been before Amazon Prime can sign up during a free trial period for 30 days.

During these 30 days will enjoy all the advantages of being Prime, i.e., free shipping, receiving products the day of its launch, access to Prime Video, Twitch Prime, Prime Photos or Amazon family.

All this for free, now well, keep in mind that when the trial period is activated the automatic renewal, so if after 30 days you will not want to remain in Amazon Prime, do not forget to enter your username, and disable the automatic renewal.

The truth is that being of Amazon Prime is pretty good, once you try it, and if you buy more or less regularly at Amazon, worthwhile you, simply so you save on shipping cost. With only 6 or 7, orders you make a year, you’ve amortized the €19.95 which is the annual fee which must be paid to be Amazon Prime.

And once we are Amazon Prime, now is explain the great advantage to follow this great day with the help of the search box on Bear in mind that Prime Day is celebrated not only in Spain, but held in France, Germany,…, in countries where Amazon has shop. What to say? So very simple, that if you put the link from Amazon’s product you want to buy in the search box on you can see if there is an even better offer in another country that you can take advantage of. Tengo! To which mola! As in doing this check only it will take you a few seconds, and you get to save a good pasta.

In addition, during the Prime Day follow us in our channel of Telegram because there we will raise all the interesting offers that come out in other countries, so you can make offerings to the maximum of this Prime Day.

Go preparing because the great day of Prime Day draws near, we still have no fixed date, but dates that have more ballots are 11 or 12 July. But calm to that as we have official date we publicáremos it quickly on our blog, so do not forget to follow us.

While we wait for the arrival of the big day, sees doing your free registration on Amazon Prime, and so you’re ready to enjoy this day offerings.