Recently has been given the planet 2017 Prize, one of the most important literature awards. The importance of this award comes for two reasons, the first is that recipients see as his works become the best-selling novels and are made known not only nationally, but also international. And the second reason is that the winner of the Planeta prize is a prize of € 601.000, is the prize on major economic Spain.

This year the winner of the Premio Planeta 2017 has been to Javier Sierra for his book "Invisible fire". This book is a historical thriller where the plot revolves around the Holy Grail.

The second runner-up, and that it has been to be the winner of the Premio Planeta doors has been Cristina López Barrio with "Fog in Tangier". In this novel, it has the mysterious adventures that take place when a young dumb lie down with a stranger.

Both books have not yet been released, will make you on November 3, but at Amazon you can make your reservation now, and won't have to pay anything until your book go on the way home.

But today we do not want to stay only here, and want to make a review of the career of these two great writers, and show you the most outstanding novels written by Javier Sierra, both Cristina López Barrio, throughout these years.

We started with the books written by Javier Sierra:

And now we show the books written by Cristina López Barrio, the finalist of Premio Planeta 2017:

Now finally we leave the comparative tables of so you can buy the book or books, more easily: