If you have safe kids that don't have to talk to you about who are the PJ Masks, and know them more than enough. These cartoons have crept into our homes, and why we know, this years everything that has to do with the PJ Masks will be in the letter to the three kings or Santa Claus.

PJ Masks drawings feature the adventures of Connor, Greg, and Amaya, three children of 6 years which are transformed into superheroes in pajamas when night comes, and activate their amulets.

These super heroes in his Pajamas are Gatuno which is fast and agile, Gecko is strong, and climber walls, and Buhita that can fly and go to far distances.

What like most of these cartoons is that they instill the children important values such as teamwork, friendship, and the courage to cope with the problems.

Another strong point of PJ Masks is that you like children of all ages from 3 to 7 years, rare is the child who does not know these cartoons.

It is the success of PJ Masks that you can already find a wide variety of toys, stuffed toys, cars, costumes… And you already see that you andes with eye because such is its success that it is expected that all toys related to PJ Masks end up running out.

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