What we have just discovered! A grill that generates virtually no smoke! Yes, Yes, we can already do at home grilled dishes without filling all with that annoying smoke! The invention is Philips Advance Grill.

Philips Advance Grill works with infrared technology so doing food practically does not release smoke. This system makes the food to cook evenly, but thanks to the reflectors that make that drip tray is cool, heat is driven onto the grid which favours the reduction of smoke.

To see, some smoke loose because due to water containing food makes it inevitable, but it has nothing do with the smoke that releases a ironing conventional, that guaranteed.

In addition, a point which is cool, is grids where food rests are non-stick aluminium, which makes some nice marks remain in the meal, a real barbecue of field.

And you're thinking, and to clean it? Go move has to be! Because not, to be non-stick grids, and be able to remove, you can put them in the dishwasher. Easier impossible.

Philips Advance Grill is perfect, and that can make even roasts, and even to keep foods warm, thanks to a feature that has, in a few grills will find it.

Over you don't have to go regulating the temperature as with other plates. Philips Advance warms up quickly, and keeps constantly 230 degrees, perfect temperature to make the food on all sides equal.

In short, for those who don't have gardens, terraces,…, and they like to enjoy barbecues, now they can do it without filling cooking fume with grilled Philips Advance. So, if it is your case, do not think about it, here we leave the comparative table of Savemoney.es so that you can buy in the country in which Amazon has their best offer: