Perhaps it may seem too early to start thinking in the autumn, but at least to me, me cool to go getting a day of what is going to be the next seasons, whether in fashion, technology, books,…

Today's post is from that, and we are going to tell the women sector, the slippers that the famous have chosen how essential this fall 2017. The shoes that we are going to teach already I notice that, surely they are gone so, although it does appear soon, if you like any model you don't buy it!

1. NEW BALANCE cross model: this model is known as "casual running" because it is so comfortable that you can run away with her, and at the same time you can combine with your looks to go to work with them.

2. NEW BALANCE FUELCORE SONIC model: this model if that is focused on sporty looks. Its lightness, and adjustable closure that you can customize it whenever you want, will provide you everything you need to practice your favourite sport.

3. NIKE AIR FORCE 1 model: this model has enough time in the market, but it is one of those classic models who should not miss in our closet. You can combine them with virtually any garment, for this reason, they are one of the slippers that more will be sold this fall.

4. ADIDAS CAMPUS model: Adidas is a classic that already is missing any fall. The most famous rare bloggers is that they do not have a post where to draw this model of shoe.

5. ALL STAR model of talk: I believe that this model is not be trend for this fall 217, but they have never ceased to be. We can say that the ALL STAR are slippers which must be taken as a wardrobe. You choose the model you choose you will have successful buying you some All Star.

6. INIKI adidas model: If you bet by the model in pink or blue, will go fully to fashion with these Adidas sneakers.

7. Model VELVET ROPE PUMA: these are going to be the big news for this fall 2017, which will give the Bell. Color star the Green olive, nor think about it! Do you dare! Buy them before they are gone!

8. NIKE CORTEZ model: this is another one of the classic models, but I will remain authentic trend. Combinable with all styles, its diversity of colors, designs, and their comfort, are a safe bet.

As seen the models of shoes that they going to petal fall 2017, only us remains teach you the comparative tables of so you can buy them in the country in which Amazon has lowest price: