The topic of which we are going to talk in the post today, sure it seems very early to start thinking about it, but as in we think that, all that are discounts, the sooner you know better, so, we want to tell you the new promotion that has Amazon In textbooks. With the promotion of Amazon if you make a purchase more than €90 in textbooks, you will get €10 gift. The offer will only be available until August 6th, 2018, so, not to leave the purchases of the books for September, this year has its reward. To enjoy this promotion all you have to do is buy primary and/or secondary textbooks that are sold and shipped by Amazon, for an amount greater than €90, do not include any promotional code or anything like that. When Amazon sends your order home, it will be when you receive the €10 promo code that you will be able to redeem on your next order on products that are included in the Amazon back-to-school store (excluding children's education books, high school, and Dictionaries). And do not crowd thinking about what to spend the €10 gift because you will have until October 31, 2018 to spend it on what the kids need during the first months of course. Buy the textbooks on Amazon has only advantages because, in addition to the €10 of gift that we have told you, you have to bear in mind that in Amazon you can make the return of the textbooks that you buy until October 15, 2018. If you are clear, and do not want to wait any longer, we leave you here access to all the textbooks you can buy at Amazon: