Oakley is one of the brands with sunglasses, and continually changing, and improving your designs, and the quality of its crystals. Proof of this are the sunglasses Oakley Crossrange especially designed for athletic men with a daily life very active.

What is what is most cool of this model? First of all is the versatility, so if you're sporty, this model you'll love. Oakley Crossrange offers you the possibility of using them to do sports, and in just a few seconds you can restyle them and use them with your daily look. And is that Oakley Crossrange rods, and interchangeable nose pads, a lifestyle, and other sport!

Lifestyle style is discreet and easy to use in every day. Its design with a very slender rods makes that you can get them to go to work, take a walk, take them if you have an event refined outdoor,…

Peeeero, if you're also a sportsman man changes your sideburns, and the nose pillows, and put the sports. Your glasses will be sports, perfect, and safe, fit that will allow you to do cycling, athletics, running, or any other activity you make. And above all, they are resistant, sunglasses you'll have for a long time.

And one of the factors more highlights of the Oakley Crossrange is carrying the new lenses with exclusive Prizm of Oakley technology. Gone are the contrasts with this lens, and reflexes, even the most sensitive eyes will have a completely clear view unless you bother all the sunlight. In addition, this technology has a very peculiar characteristic, and is enhancing colors, without noticing any sort of hassle of reflexes, or anything like that.

Oakley Crossrange is available in three models:

  • CROSSRANGE: This model carries the original mount.

  • CROSSRANGE XL: This model is which has a size of Mount larger, ideal for large faces, or for those who like to wear big sunglasses.

  • CROSSRANGE R: it looks more rounded and small, perfect for those who have a small or medium-sized face.

As having said all that, if you like to have glasses that fit everything you do, without having to carry different models of sunglasses, the Crossrange of Oakley are the perfect sunglasses.

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