It has come this summer, and if you ever want a good cold beer, with the heat much more. So, you think having a shooter of beer at home, and enjoy a good beer without leaving home? Good idea, ehhh!

Because today we will tell you The Sub Heineken Edition beer shooter, with it you can enjoy beer well pulled, chilly, and at home.

The Sub takes a cooler that is guaranteed to have your beer to 2° C in just 5 hours, and is rechargeable, i.e. carried barrels of 2 litres, called The Torp, who when they finish you can go renewing them with different beers that are available.

And do not think that The Sub Heineken Edition is a peazo bug that you will not know where meter. The Sub has a compact size, lightweight, and something very important, silent. It is also very easy to use because it has a device that warns you when the barrel is ready for use. He also wears an ergonomic handle which makes it very easy to pull beers, and a non-slip tray in order to support your glasses or jars, without any problem.

In terms of the consumption of The Sub Heineken Edition, already we notify you that it will not do to go broke with your electricity bill because it has an energy rating A +

And little more you can have, just to encourage you to buy it if you like beer, or you like to organize parties at home because you are going to be the best host with The Sub Heineken Edition.

This is the comparative table of with the handle of The Sub Heineken Edition beer so you can locate what country Amazon has their best offer: