We are going to show you today a promotion that is available in Amazon Spain, and which is for the purchase of a vacuum cleaner of the Rowenta brand.

To begin to warn you that the promotion will be available until May 31 by 2017, or to exhaust units. And now we see the promotion, which is that by buying one of the 3 vacuum cleaners of Rowenta that we are going to show, you can get gift bag vacuum compatible.

For the gift it is very simple you have to do, you only have to choose one of the models of vacuum cleaners from Rowenta, we then show you:

Once you have chosen the Rowenta vacuum cleaner model, adds to this vacuum cleaner Rowenta Wonderbag bag shopping cart:

As this is done, only remains you end the process of purchase, and automatically, without having to put promotional codes, or anything of that, when you go to make a payment, will give you discounted the amount corresponding to the vacuum cleaner bag.

As you already know everything you need to take advantage of this promotion of Amazon Spain, so if you are interested don’t miss it much because remember that although the promotion will be available until May 31, products may be depleted before that date.

Ahhh, and another little thing, this promotion is not cumulative, so if you have another coupon discount you will have to choose between which most interests you, but you can not apply both at the same time.