We saw in the post "offers Amazon: products Tigi Bed Head (I)" the first part of the Tigi Bed Head brand products, and you could know all the shampoos and conditioners that has this mark. In addition, you could check, and use the search box on Savemoney.es can make you save a lot of money because there are many of them featuring great prices within, and outside of Spain at Amazon.

As said, today we are going to show the Tigi Bed Head products "Stylings" that you can comb, fixing and moisturize your hair. I will first make a brief summary with products that have this marking, and then you show the comparative tables of Savemoney.es so that you can locate what country Amazon has the best price.

We started! These are the "Stylings" of Tigi Bed Head products:

  • TIGI BLOW OUT: It is a cream to give shines in shades of gold, while it removes the frizziness.
  • TIGI EGO BOOST: It's an open repair that does not require rinsing.
  • TIGI CONTROL FREAK SERUM: It is to prevent Frizz in curly hair, your hair straightening will be much better.
  • TIGI HEADRUSH: Spray to wear a super shine.
  • TIGI SPOIL ME: is a straightener, antiencrespamiento, and instant hairsetter
  • TIGI STRAIGHTEN OUT: This product is a cream of smoothing for use when you alises hair with the iron. Moreover, by high humidity that has on the environment, your hair is not encrespará.
  • TIGI AFTER PARTY: If your hair is rebellious, with this relaxer, your hair will be silky and shiny, for a long, long time.
  • TIGI DUMB BLONDE SMOOTHING STUFF: This product is also specific for Blondes, and with it you get a hair perfectly smooth, with zero frizz and shine that can give you something.
  • TIGI FOXY CURLS SPRAY: With this Tigi fixative will get a few defined curls, and without encrepar.
  • TIGI FOXY CURLS MOUSSE: This product is also to define the curls, but rather of fixative spray, a mousse. Try it, you'll like its texture to apply it.
  • FOXY CURLS CONTOUR CREAM: If you prefer to define your curls with a cream, this is the product you have to buy.
  • TIGI ON THE REBOUND: This product in cream not only define your curls, but it also restores you curl!
  • TIGI MOTOR MOUTH: With this cream to give volume with a super shiny finish.
  • TIGI SUPERSTAR QUEEN FOR A DAY: With this post you can give your hair the entire volume, and body you want. No problem using it on dry or damp hair because it will work just as well.
  • TIGI SMALL TALK 3 in 1: this product will give you volume will give you life, even if you have fine hair and you shall set the hairstyle that you do. A 3 in 1 more than powerful will have Small Talk.
  • TIGI JOYRIDE: A texturizer balm dry, i.e. you will get with the hair dry your hair keep the hairstyle that you want, as well as bringing texture that will make your hair longer.
  • TIGI MANIPULATOR MATTE: With this Tigi wax you can give your hair style that you want, will not bring you shine as the hair, and you're as freshly combed for much longer.
  • TIGI HARD TO GET: If you want that the set of styling is light, and not contribute you shine, this is the product you have to buy. It will leave you the separate strands of hair, dull, and with a light hold.
  • TIGI MANIPULATOR: If you like to style your hair with different styles, with Crest, with dreadlocks, or as you want, this is the product of Tigi you need.
  • TIGI STICK: It's a wax bar with which you define your hairstyles without any problem.
  • TIGI HARD HEAD MOHAWK GEL: so the hair does not move a millimeter using this gel. Dries fast, and the hair stays where you leave it settled.
  • TIGI UP FRONT: you can use this gel with dry or wet hair, and it will be perfectly set with brightness, and without feeling sticky.
  • TIGI FLEXI HEAD: It is a lacquer with a great setting but which will not leave you caked hair, and stiff.
  • TIGI MAXXED OUT: If you need a lacquer with much fixing this is the best Tigi product.
  • TIGI HARD HEAD HAIRSPRAY: you'll find the maximum fixation with this lacquer. Will not you move a hair when you use it!
  • TIGI MASTERPIECE HAIRSPRAY: To get a fixation with this glitter is the product of proper Tigi.
  • TIGI OH BEE HIVE: This is a shampoo dry give volume to the hair. It also provides fixation in the hairstyle.

Now we see the comparative of all these products Savemoney.es pictures so you can buy them on Amazon at the best price:


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