Today you want to count a promotion that there are available in Amazon in them cameras of Fujifilm Instax Mini, with which you can buy an of these cameras, and paper photographic, to ones prices very good.

If you do not know this type of cameras, you will have that it is like a return to the past, but without losing the latest advances in technology. With the cameras of photos Fujifilm Instax Mini can do photos instant of the size of a card of credit, but without losing the quality of them good cameras of photos.

The cameras Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 you will allow make photos fast, and of great quality because these cameras have with flash, and approach automatic, by what will get some photos bright, and with colors intense. Is adjusts automatically to the light outside to get some photos of quality.

With the promotion that are now at Amazon you can have your camera Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 with 5 sheets of photo paper, at a price very, but very interesting. 

Next, we show the comparative tables of with models that are available within this promotion so that you can choose the model that you like: