Today I want to talk about Microsoft's new portable Surface Pro, and it seems to us an option to consider if you're going to catch a computer.

The point for Surface Pro is that this laptop can be converted into a tablet, and may seem silly to you but it is very useful that arrived a moment you can use your touch screen to what you need. In addition touch screen is PixelSense, let that it is high resolution so the image quality is an authentic past.

Surface Pro has much higher performance, greater speed, and a battery that will make that you can use it about 13 hours, is not bad! Surface Pro boasts a 128 GB SSD, the smaller storage capacity up to 512 GB, of larger size.

Another advantage of Surface Pro is that your PixelSense display supports the use of the pencil of Microsoft that makes easier operation, you can write with it, done shady, even work in 3D.

Surface Pro has the option to purchase it with the keyboard, and cover Type Cover, with which is written in a very fluent manner because it is backlit, which makes sense when you type is much more comfortable. The advantage of this keyboard is that when you do not want to use, leave it folded, and makes you of protective case for Surface Pro.

As you said at the beginning, if you are looking for a new laptop, be sure to check out Microsoft's Surface Pro because it can be a great success.

Then we are going to show the comparative tables of with the different options that you have available: