You already have the new purchasing system that had reached Spain, the Dash Button in the post "DASH BUTTON: buy giving A a button already is possible on AMAZON". So today we are going to have a new promotion that is for those who use this system.

For which they do not know what's going history take a look at the post "DASH BUTTON: buy giving A a button already is possible on AMAZON" where we explain what was the Dash Button. And remember that to use this system you must be of Amazon Prime, so, if you're still not and has not ever been, don't take advantage of the opportunity to begin a trial period of 30 days free of charge, where you can meet, and enjoy all the advantages that you have to be Amazon Prime.

Already we notify you that, once you try Amazon Prime, you're going to keep auto-renewal of Amazon Prime, and will pay the €19.95 which is the cost of the annual fee. Nothing more than what you save on postage, anything that you make 6 purchases, you'll have already amortized share of Amazon Prime, and will compensate you to subscribe.

As we continue with the promotion is available for Dash Button, which is that, by the purchase of a Dash Button, when you click it for the first time, you will get €4.99 discount.

The € 4,99 you get will be discounting proportionally on your following purchases you make using the Dash Button, so that if your purchase amount is less than € 4.99, for you will be discounting the amount following purchases until you've worn the €4.99 discount.

You can only enjoy this promotion once, and will be available until stocks are exhausted so I don't miss it much because everything is saving worthwhile.

And now begins already you Amazon Prime free registration to take advantage of this offer.