You know the new Shaver Philips OneBlade with which you can trim, sharpen, and Shaver, beard all? Because in today's post we will talk about it because it gives equal the length of your beard, from a 3 days, a long beard to beard, with a same razor you can always have arranged.

Within this razor are two models and the Philips OneBlade, Philips OneBlade Pro. In today's post I will make a brief summary of the most important features of both, and best of all, you will show the comparative tables of so that you can locate what country Amazon has your best offer.

Let's start with Philips OneBlade whose court system is fast thanks to 200 movements per second carried out. Good thing about this Razor is that he does not shave to the beast, i.e., that even if you have a sensitive skin can use it because it does not hurry aggressive.

You can also use it Philips OneBlade dry, foam, or even in the shower. Being water resistant also you will be easier to clean, put it under the tap, and you'll have it ready for next shaving.

The blades will last you much more than of other razors, up to 4 months with normal use. And its battery life is also a last, if you load it for 4 hours, you can be using it for 60 minutes at a time.

Now let's look at the Philips OneBlade Pro, whose characteristics are similar to the OneBlade. What is razor has are more cutting positions, longer battery life because with only 1 hour of charge it could be used for 60 minutes at a time, and 5 minutes loading, load fast, and you can use it once.

So you find it easier to see the differences between the 4 models that are available at Amazon, I show this picture overview:

As you can see, with Philips OneBlade you can have your beard cared for in a way that is fast, comfortable, and with a perfect finish. As you already see the comparative tables of so you can buy the model that you want from Philips OneBlade at the lowest price at Amazon: