On Sunday 23rd April takes place the day of the book, party with long roots in Catalonia, where this day also St. Jordi, is held where is tradition to give a rose and a book. Well, as at Amazon are all, and it could not be otherwise, this week at Amazon is the week of the book.

During this week of the book at Amazon you'll find offers both physical books, and books in electronic format, in addition to special sections where you can find a selection of the most outstanding book titles. Even Amazon makes a nod to Catalonia, and you'll find offers of books in catalan, and a selection of the titles with the most outstanding Catalan books.

And, of course, what you will also find they are offers on e-books from Amazon, some Kindle models will be on offer this week. These are the Kindle models that are on offer during this week of the book from Amazon:


Advantage this week of the book from Amazon to buy books on offer, and thus enlarge your library much physics, as virtual. Then, we show you some of the titles that are within this promotion: