Caring women who follow our blog because today are going to know a brand of shoes super cool, and super comfortable. As I have told in several posts, I am a follower of different fashion blogs, Paula Echevarría, I saw Sandals flat super nice, Alma brand Peña, as well, I got to look at the models that exist in Amazon, and was, it has some beautiful designs, and over with all types of high heels, high, low, wedges, planes ,….

The brand, as I said, is called soul in pain, and to me personally what I liked is that the designs are flat sandal are super nice. For example, I not can wear high heels, and if I have a wedding, baptism, communion, or event that has to go fine, cost me a lot to find shoes of this style. As in Banshee there are, in addition to finding gorgeous Sandals for every day.

It is a good shoe that it meets all design and quality, get them and are a joy, don’t hurt anywhere, is agustisimo with them. And I say this from experience, I bought one of his sandals, and I think that I fixed that I get me another pair.

That Yes, the quality you have to pay it, and they are not cheap, peeeeeroooo, you have to take advantage of because there are many models that are on sale! So, this is the perfect time to buy them. Check them out for sure you will find some model. Here are the comparative tables of with part of the footwear of soul in penalty that is available at Amazon:

See all the models of footwear of Banshee