You know the Kindle Paperwhite essential Kit from Amazon? No??? So if you are buying this Kit from Amazon instead of buying the products separately you can save you €15. And the interesting thing is that it gathers the products which you'll need if you buy a Kindle, so is a very useful kit, and hey, € 15 is €15.

What included in the pack? As well as the latest Kindle Paperwhite 6 inch, for only € 169.97, you will also receive an Amazon leather case (with various colors to choose), and Amazon PowerFast power adapter.

The Kindle Paperwhite that you are buying in this Kit is the ultimate e-reader from Amazon's 6 inch, special offers, and Wifi. With Kindle Paperwhite you can read comfortably both day and night, because it carries built-in light is adjustable, also this e-book has one of the screens with less reflection of the market. Another strong point of Kindle Paperwhite is its battery life, which you will hold up to weeks, without having to recharge the battery. If all this you join that is light, and that you can read millions of books with Kindle Unlimited, what more can be asked?

As for the leather case that includes this Kindle Paperwhite essential Kit, as you said before, you can choose between different colors, and is designed by Amazon for your Kindle Paperwhite maximum protection. In addition, it carries magnetic clasp that makes it much more comfortable, and carries a system that blocks the screen, or the active, closed, or open the cover. These are the available colours:

And, finally, you talk about adapter current that includes this pack, which is PowerFast for a faster load. In less than 5 hours you can have your Kindle fully charged. Well, very important, this adapter has a micro-USB, making it compatible with a large number of devices.

Well, already you have had including this pack, and can have only €169.97. So, if you're interested, here are the comparative tables of with different colors of Kindle, and covers, you could choose to combine this Kindle Paperwhite essential Kit:

* Note: Despite being a kit it is possible that items arrive to you separately.