Developments in games and consoles are beginning to come out, although it will take a little to get them at home. Peeeero with Amazon you can already make your reservations, having them at home the day of its release, without paying anything until Amazon to send you home, and guaranteed lowest price of pre-sales purchase. Then we’re going to explain all this information in detail.

Today, in particular, I want to talk about the new Nintendo 2DS XL will be released on July 28, but as you said, you can book it without paying anything, in other words, if you already book your Nintendo, Amazon will not charge you anything by way of guarantee of the reservation. In addition, Amazon guarantees you the lowest price of pre-sales, meaning that if when you book your 2DS XL Nintendo until it goes on sale, price suffered variation and low, always you will be charged the lowest price.

And then there is the theme for the day of the launch the console, which is possible, with Amazon and only have to choose the option “I send 1 day” and your console 2 Nintendo DS XL will have it at home on 28 July which is when it goes on sale. This type of shipping is free if you Amazon Prime, and if you’re not for €3.99 more, besides the normal shipping.

A not yet Amazon Prime? And are you waiting? Because thanks to Amazon Prime will not pay shipping when you buy the new Nintendo XL 2DS, and you will receive it free of charge the day of the launch. In addition, now Amazon offers you the possibility of being of Amazon Prime, if you haven’t been it before ever, during 30 days trial free of charge. You don’t think it, and start your Amazon Prime trial period now.

We are convinced that you liked both the advantages that offers be Amazon Prime that after the trial period, you will keep auto-renewal, and will pay the €19.95 which is the annual fee for this service. Now, if it is not your case, and after 30 days will not want to remain in Amazon Prime, do not forget to enter your account, and disable the automatic renewal.

Regarding the characteristics of the Nintendo XL 2DS, though as its name suggests it is is as cucumber as the 3D, 2D, that Yes, it is lighter than the 3D. Also has integrated NFC which will make you able to use cards and figures amiibo.

Another advantage of the Nintendo 2DS XL is that is compatible with a large number of games for the 3DS, the New 3DS, and the 2DS.

Already only now we show you the different colors that you can buy the new Nintendo XL 2DS, that if, with the comparative tables of so that you can buy in the country in which Amazon has their best offer: