If in the post "THRILLER: the best titles of the 2017" we told you about black novels that will split the cod the next autumn-winter, today I want to talk about romance novels that have sold more this summer. We have gone from what will be the black novels more sold, to the reality of romance novels that have been top in sales this summer. So, if you like this genre, you must read the titles of the books that we are going to talk about.

We are not going to overwhelm with titles and more titles, only we highlight 3 romantic novels that have been the most widely read during the summer months:

1. EDENBROOKE Julianne Donaldson: this novel of time takes place in England in a luxurious mansion. The Marianne Daventry protagonist escaping from your current life goes to visit her sister, but road Bandit, raided it and will have to stop at an Inn where meets a mysterious man who will prove to be the heir of the luxurious mansion Edenbrooke, and the fiance of his sister. Promises the story true? As you know, if you want to know how it will end the thing don't read Edenbrooke.

2. A Duke without HONOR of Olivia Ardey: in this story Damien Murray, when his father dies become Duke of Kedwell, and Testament will discover that there is an unknown heir, and that it will have to meet a few clauses to be able to collect the inheritance. The latter will make you have to travel with the mother of his enemy archi… Will happen? Emerge love? You have to read this novel to find out.

3. Bobbi Smith Viking: this American novel developed by a Viking where after losing a battle, and make him prisoner will meet a Lady Dynna ally, is engaged to the enemy of the Viking. Lady Dynna sees the opportunity to flee from her fiance with the Viking. What will happen? They manage to escape? You fall in love with the Viking?

Since you have had a bit of what goes to each one, you just you need choose the title or titles, which most have struck you. These are the comparative tables of Savemoney.es of three romance novels more read this summer: