Today we are going to talk about a new service from Amazon that will make you can receive your purchases without any problem, and without having to be aware of being at home. Amazon lockers are some self-service lockers that will allow you to pick up your orders where, and when you better come.

At the points of collection of Amazon lockers you will be able to choose the point that best suits you. Once you have chosen you will be able to process your order indicating the Amazon lockers point in which you want to be sent your order.

The Amazon lockers have some opening times that you can check out. Of course, the only drawback that Amazon lockers has, is that not all products have this option. The box office of Amazon Lockers have a limit of size, and weight, so if you buy something very bulky and/or heavy, you will see that this option is not available.

As for the cost of this service, here comes, once again, the importance of being Amazon Prime, and is that for those who are prime can enjoy Amazon lockers for free, in the options shipping in 1 day, and shipping standard. For non-Amazon Prime, if the amount of your purchase is less than €29, you have to consult these rates.

You're not from Amazon Prime, or have you been before? Well, if this is your case, you have the option to try it for free for 30 days. Start your trial period and enjoy all the advantages of being Amazon Prime. And if you have enjoyed this time, you do not have to do anything because automatically renew your subscription, and after the trial period will be charged the €19.95 of the annual fee.

* Note: If you are not going to want to remain Amazon Prime once you have passed the trial period, don't forget to enter your account and disable automatic renewal.

Following the Amazon lockers process, once you have already made the order, and when Amazon has delivered your order in your box office, you will receive an email with the instructions, and the code you must use to open your box office.

The time that you have to pick up your order, once you receive the mail that is already in your box office Amazon lockers, is 3 working days.

Peeero quiet, imagine that for any reason you can not pick up your order in that period. Well, nothing happens, because it will be returned to Amazon, and your money will be returned from your purchase.

Easiest impossible, buy, find an Amazon locker, and pick up.