Every day are more own brands being created by Amazon. A few days ago we told you about find "the Amazon Zara" with this brand, which includes both male and female, Amazon intends to compete with Zara, in terms of style, quality, and price of your designs. As well, also has come the turn of lingerie, and in order to compete with brands such as Victoria's Secret and Calvin Klein, Amazon has created Iris & Lilly.

Inside Iris & Lilly you will find all kinds of lingerie at prices very but that very affordable, secured £ 10, for example. But not only Bras you can buy brand Iris & Lilly, also there are sets, sleepwear, swimwear, sportswear,…

This brand of Amazon, as happened with FIND, is established at European level, so if you are interested in your products you will be very useful to use the search box on Savemoney.es to locate the country in which Amazon has its price lower.

Then we are going to show the comparative tables of Savemoney.es with some of the many products that you can find at Iris & Lilly: