Today I want to tell another novelty of Amazon, and that you can only enjoy if you're Amazon Premium. Why, we go in order, and the first thing we will do is remind you how you Amazon Premium.

Amazon offers you the possibility to be Premium over a period of 30 days of free trial, that Yes, in order to enjoy this promotion do not have to have never been Amazon Premium, or have been for quite some time.

During these 30 days trial you can enjoy all the benefits of being a Premium, free shipping on thousands of products, access to the Prime Now, a Prime Video service,…, and other many advantages, that will do that, if you buy a more or less regularly, it worthwhile to pay the €19.95 which is the fee for Premium.

By the way, if you register in the Amazon Premium test period, is activated automatically the renewal of the service, by which last 30 days you would charge the annual fee. Therefore, if passed this time will not want to remain Amazon Premium, don't forget to login to your account and disable the automatic renewal.

Seen this, we will now tell you the novelty of Amazon, and that comes within the service of Amazon Prime Now, and is that you can now buy the El País newspaper. Yes, Yes, as you are reading, with Prime Now service you can have your newspaper at home in an hour.

For the moment, this service is available in Madrid, and in the coming weeks, will also come to Barcelona, but knowing how Amazon, we are sure that soon will be extended for more places.

The PRISA group shared not only the newspaper El País in Prime Now, but it soon be distributed also on five days, and the ACE. And, of course, you can also buy the magazines that are delivered to the country on weekends, being able to buy them in conjunction with the newspaper, or on an individual basis.

In addition, from April 28 until May 14, simply to add the newspaper El País to your shopping cart for free.

That date you'll pay for the newspaper as well as any kiosk or shop. And in terms of delivery, you can choose to have it in two hours at home on the range of hours in which you want to receive it. Or if you want to have it in one hour at home, also you can, paying the increase involved in this service.

It is clear that Amazon works continuously to give more and better service to its customers, and that is doing that every time is one of the most used online stores. And it is that at Amazon you can buy from the newspaper, or the pan, to a washing machine, or trousers.

Remember that to access Prime Now, you have to be Amazon Premium, so it will compensate you pay the €19.95 per year, and enjoy all the advantages.