If a few days ago we told you about in the post "NINTENDO SWITCH: book it now at AMAZON" new console Nintendo Switch, and the advantages of booking at Amazon, today I want to show all the accessories, and games, which are already available in presale so you can enjoy the most of your console Nintendo Switch.

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As I said before, all products are in pre-sales, and the advantages of booking them on Amazon, are the same as we already told you when you talk about Nintendo Switch, and that then I turn to remember:

  1. Free booking: book your accessories or games, which are in pre-sales won't have to pay anything. Amazon you get the charge of purchase when you exit your stores, and go on the way to your House.
  2. Guaranteed pre-sale price: namely that when Amazon you will send the order price of the product that you have purchased to varied, you will be charged always the lowest price.
  3. Receive it the day of the launch: to enjoy this option just need to check the option "1-day shipping", and you're Amazon Premium, not will be you no extra charge for this type of shipment. If by the contrary, not are of Amazon Premium, only will have to pay 3.99€ additional by receive it the day of the launch.

Because views all the advantages that has make it book of them accessories, and games, for it Nintendo Switch, then, are going to show you all them products that already are available in presale:


And recalls that, if not have been never of Amazon Premium, now can be it during 30 days of test free, and enjoy of all the advantages that entails. Click on the following image to begin your registration:


* Note: to make your registration on Amazon Premium, turns automatic renewal, in a way that, if after the days of test, you will not want to remain a Premium, don't forget to login to your account, and disable it.