Nintendo already has what's new in the world of consoles, and will be on March 3 of the 2017 when it goes on sale the new Nintendo Switch! And not set aside at Amazon you cosatan nothing!


But go slowly, first you will have briefly of that goes this new console of Nintendo, and then you will have the advantages of book the new Nintendo Switch in Amazon.

The main characteristic of Nintendo Switch is that you can play it wherever you want. If Yes, you are reading well, because Nintendo Switch allows you to place it on its base, and connect it to the TV so that you can play with whom you want. And if you take away its base console, Nintendo Switch becomes portable, and already you can take it wherever you want to keep playing, without losing any resolution because it has a high definition screen.

Another puntazo of the console Nintendo Switch is that is can separate the controls of the console, them called Joy-with, so you gives three options of game. If you join them to the screen, you can use it to play your only in portable mode. If it prefer can separate them Joy-with of the screen, and join them to the support for controls Joy-with, and thus will work as a remote traditional. But there is more, because the Joy-with you can use independently, so if you separate them, you can play with who like.


Joy-with commanders will make that play, and enjoy more than ever with your Nintendo console. The vibration of the controls, and the infrared camera movement, will give you more chances to play.

As you can see, Nintedo Switch is the most complete console that has made Nintendo, with a same device have the possibility of playing in different options, at home, or on the street; your only, or with the family, in its mode multiplayer.

And if Joy-with commanders know you still a little also can buy the remote control Nintendo Switch Pro, which we will then show you, but before we teach you the comparative tables of with two options of console Nintendo Switch that are available:


Seen this, and we are sure you are wishing to book your Nintendo Switch, therefore now you are going to tell the advantages of booking your console at Amazon.

First of all is that you won't have to pay anything to make the reservation of your Nintendo Switch, until your console not go halfway to your House will not charged you anything.

Another great advantage of booking at Amazon is that you have the price of guaranteeing pre-sales, and this meaning is that if when you go to send your Nintendo Switch home, the price of the console has changed, always you will be charged the lowest price.

And already, to finish, if do your book on Amazon can have in house your Nintendo Switch the same day of the release. For this, when make the book only have that choose the option of "shipping 1 day", and thus the day 3 of March can be playing in house with your console.

To receive Nintendo Switch the day of the launch, you have to take into account that if you're Amazon Premium, you will not have any charge, and if you're not, will have an extra charge of € 3.99.

On this issue of being Amazon Premium, back to remind you that, if you have not subscribed State ever, will be Amazon Premium 30 day trial free. During this period of time will enjoy of all the advantages that has belong to Amazon Premium. So, do not think, takes this opportunity and start your registration, CLICK here, or punctured on the following image:


An important thing you should know is that after 30 days will be automatically renewed your subscription, whose annual cost is €19.95, therefore if passed this time will not want to remain Amazon Premium, it is important that you enter into your account, and disable the automatic renewal.

As said this, already you have counted all what had that know on the new console Nintendo Switch, and the advantages of do your book in Amazon, already only us is wish you a happy weekend 😉