If you read well the title of the post, and Nike already sold at Amazon. What have you bought products at Amazon Nike? Quiet that you have not purchased fakes! The story is rather curious because until recently Nike refused to sell their products at Amazon. According to them, Amazon was not the image suitable for their products, so Nike banned the sale of their products at Amazon. Or Nike directly, nor its main distributors could sell their products at Amazon. Peeeeero that occurred, that ban could not reach small shops that sold Nike, so these were that sold Nike at Amazon products, without that Nike could do nothing to prevent it.

Now some time later, we don't know that recalculation will have made Nike account, its image or its commercial strategy, but the fact is that it has lifted the veto, and recently Nike already officially sells its products at Amazon. That Yes, he has been the condition that Amazon do not allow to sell Nike products to small retailers, can only sell through the direct provision of Nike.

In short, at the end, Nike has to admit that Amazon is one of the big sellers online, and must be added to its online platform to improve their sales, and get greater benefits. It is clear that is becoming increasingly more people that buy through Amazon, and is that the advantages offered to buy at Amazon increasingly are greater.

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