Today we bring news new on Amazon, and is that in seeks of give a greater and better service to their customers, Amazon has created the new system "subscribe you and saves".

This service is designed to facilitate the shopping of products of the supermarket, and also you can get to save until a 10% of discount. But let's go slowly, because in we want to tell you how to make this offer to the maximum.

To begin with, what we recommend is that you ask Amazon Premium because, in addition to take advantage of all the advantages, the fundamental thing is that Premium products don't pay shipping, and this will make you save a paste, and be able to take advantage of this new service of "Subscribe and save".

Above, if you have not been given never high in the Amazon Premium service, you now have the opportunity to be it for a period of 30 days trial free. Begins already your period of test by clicking here, or by clicking on the image of below:

During the 30 days you will have all the advantages of being Amazon Premium, free shipping on more than 1 million products, deliveries of products the day of the launch, Prime Video access, access to Premium photos,…, and other advantages. If to the end these 30 days like continue being Premium does not have that do nothing because automatically is renew your subscription and by 19.95€ will be of Amazon Premium during a year. 

If after the 30 day trial will not want to remain a Premium, do not forget, before the end of this period, login to your account, and disable the automatic renewal.

Now we'll tell you what is "Subscribe and save". Only have that choose among them products that is within this service, and select each as time like that you get that product to House. In the next image you can see the process:

Once you have subscribed you to the purchase of the product, or products, within your account you can follow them, and make the modifications that you need. You can change the amount, modify the frequency of the shipping, or cancel the subscription. You'll always have control of your orders, and Amazon will inform you prior to each shipment of the price at the time of the product.

You say this "price at that time" because since you subscriber to the purchase of a product, the date that is go making corresponding shipments, the price of the product may vary. For this reason, always is you aviasara before the shipping price, and even the discount, which currently has the product.

Now let's look at promotions that brings the "Subscribe & save" System. If you make more than one subscription, so you ask 2 products from you reach with the same address, Amazon will make you a 5% discount. And if already Sync 3 shipments, will you apply a discount of the 10%.

As you can see, service is very useful, because products such as toilet paper, toothpaste, coffee capsules, and other products that you spend regularly, you can set them so you get every two weeks, a month, or with the frequency that you need, and you can forget living pending that don't forget to buy it.


See the entire list of products included in "Subscribe & save"