We've seen how Amazon is taking out its own brands. We saw it with FIND, which is its brand of clothing, which aims to compete with stores like Zara, Amazon Basic, Whole Foods, and another series of brands that are created by Amazon. Well, it has already been introduced in a new field, and has created two brands Rivet, and Stone & Beam, both with decoration products, and furniture. With these two brands Amazon tries to compete with IKEA!!!! Yes, yes, you've read well, you want to compete with one of the big ones in this sector like Ikea.

That if, we have to warn that, for now, these brands will begin to work in the United States but you know how it works Amazon, sure it does not take long to cross the pond, and already are in the shops of Europe.

The fort of Rivet, and Stone & Beam, is that Amazon will not charge shipping costs, which would do much damage to Ikea that charges exorbitant shipping costs. (Shippings to Spain from Ikea are from €55 at this time).

On the other hand, Amazon wants to make these brands strong with the returns, and the guarantees of their products. Both brands will have 30 days of free return. And in terms of warranty The rivet products will have a year, and Stone & Beam products will have 3 years warranty.

As you can see, these are very good advantages that make these two brands a very strong rival of Ikea.

As for the main difference between Rivet, and Stone & Beam, they are their styles.

Rivet will have products within a modern line with mid-century appearance. Your designs are designed to make the most of small spaces. You will find solutions to furnish any kind of space.

And on the other hand, Stone & Beam, is a country-modern line focused on families. Manicured, stylish designs and also allow you to furnish different spaces.

Both brands will offer all kinds of products, furniture, sofas, chairs, lamps, tables, rugs, … …, with very good qualities, better than those of Ikea.

It is clear that the thing looks very good, so we will be very attentive, and as soon as crossing the border, here will be Savemoney.es for you.