Home Automation is becoming more present in our lives, with the advances in mobile phones is becoming easier to interact with the things that we have at home. Everything is already prepared for from the mobile phone functions, can be controlled for example, now have robots vacuum that we can program and control from our phones that cleans and what not. There are also bulbs we can also control with mobile phones. And as these examples we can speak of many more.

But there are also many products and systems that we can include in our homes to connect and interact with them from our phones. These systems offer us as well as a better control, energy savings that we will notice substantially in our invoices.

Control the heating, surveillance cameras, sensors presence, power and lights off, up and down blinds, home automation offers a series of advantages that you not valoraras well until you don't have them installed in your home. As you said before, you will not only facilitate every day at home, but that it will also save a lot on your electricity bills.

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Then we are going to show the comparative tables of Savemoney.es with a selection of home automation that you can find in the Amazon store of home automation:



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