Today we bring you another innovation from Amazon which is very interesting, and which will be launched in the United States as of October 2, and which, by the way of Amazon, we do not believe that you take long to reach Europe. It is on your return policy, and will change its conditions for the better.

Regular Amazon buyers already know that one of the advantages of buying at Amazon are their warranties, because now it will improve even more. Until now, if you had to make a return there was a distinction between whether the product it was selling directly Amazon, and those that were sold by an external company.

I.e., if you buy a product that directly sell Amazon had within 30 days to return it, without having any problem. You only had to enter in your username, print the appropriate tag, and request the return. Now if the product a company that is not Amazon sells it, you were already subject to the return policy that had that store, and had to contact them.

Clarify that in the latter case, always was Amazon’s by half, i.e. Finally the company putting problems, Amazon responded as a good buffer, but was no longer the process so quick and easy, print a sticker, and request a refund.

As this changes, and now that already give equal. Da same thing that product Amazon sells it as that other external sell it because you’ll have within 30 days to return it without any problem.

With this new model of return much commotion has armed, small businesses see it as something that they will not be able to withstand, and will lead to tremendous losses. They think that with this return policy people will start to make returns without control, but from our point of view is not so, is more, we believe quite the contrary, we believe that their sales will increase, and explain the why.

Those who know the disadvantages that some companies make when it comes to returns do, for fear of having to make a return, and find problems, we prefer to find the same product but that it be sold directly by Amazon. Now, with the new policy of return, knowing that we will not have problem we passer and forward with the purchase, without looking who is the seller. So, with our theory, all win, customers peace of mind in knowing that there will be no problems in returns, and shops that will see how their sales increase.

The shops have to understand that, in general, the people when making a return is because they really need it, and not going without any control by buying, and returning products. Policy from Amazon to seek the best care to their customers is what is becoming the number one in online sales.

Having said all that, little else we have to tell you, only make you a recommendation to take even more advantage of the purchases that you make at Amazon, and get Amazon Prime, will make you that, in addition to enjoying all the benefits that entails, can have costs of envi or free products million Prime. Think that, with only make about 6 orders per year, you’ve amortized the annual fee of €19.95, that is what it takes to be Amazon Prime for an entire year. In addition, if you have not been Amazon Prime before, you can be during a trial period of 30 days in a way totally free. You don’t think it, and started your free registration on Amazon Prime.